Managerial & Executive Chairs Viva08501A

  • $359.99
  • Size:27.6 x 28 x 44.9 inches
  • Function:

    1、Napping Chair with Footrest;

    2、Back Angle Adjustable;

    3、Padded contoured seat, headrest and backrest cushion<

  • Brand: VIVA OFFICE
  • Product Code:Viva08501A
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VIVA OFFICE Reclining Office Chair, High Back Bonded Leather Chair with Footrest

· Are you getting sore shoulders or other back problems after long days at the office? If so, our ergonomic chairs are the best choice for you.

· VIVA08501, a specially designed ergonomic napping chair, supports your health in the workplace -- warding off that sore, stiff feeling and even allowing for an enjoyable noon time in-office rest.

· The amazing characteristics of this chair include its horizontal tilting angle and the adjustable-depth incremental reclining footrest.

· Made of durable, low-maintenance bonded leather, the high-backed swivel-napping chair has a padded headrest and armrests, reclining back angle control and built-in lumbar support.

· The heavy-duty nylon casters and chrome base allow full swivel action and support, tested for up to 250 pounds.

Product Features

Brand Name :


Item No.:

Managerial& Executive Chairs-Viva08501A


27.2*29.5~66.9* 45.7~48/29.9~32.3Inches

Net Weight:

54.67 Pounds




Bonded Leather


PP +Boned Leather +PVC

Base :

Chrome Base


Nylon Caster


Steel& Plastic


Product Dimensions:




Product Functions




Product Warranty

Viva office chairs sold on Amazon are complied with warranty policy of Amazon, and provide free component-exchange in two years. Viva service center is ready for help all the time

Install Guide

Assembly of the this chair involves a few extra steps to take advantage of its unique functions. The pictures below will help you through the assembly process.

Parts List:

Install Steps:


a) Push the castors into the base of the chair and turn the base upright.




b) Place the gas lift right in middle of the base and put the seat on top of it.




c) Insert the backrest to the seat.

d) Place the casing over the joint that connets the seat and backrest. Tighten the screws with the wrench.

e)Insert the added padding cover of the back.




f) Attach armrests.




g) Finished product outlook.


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1. I just purchased the napping chair from Amazon. I don't see any warranty information in the box. Does the chair have a warranty? Love it, very comfortable but at that price a warranty of some kind would be nice and expected.

Answer: Viva office chairs that sold on Amazon are complied with warranty policy of Amazon, Moreover, we provide free parts-exchange in two years. We will add the warranty sheet in box in future.

2. How easy is it to recline? Does it take effort? I plan to use this as desk chair (like when watching movie on a PC), not for resting long periods.

Answer from a buyer: It is easy and doesn't take much effort, and I use it the same way - just to relax for a bit when I'm watching something on the PC. It can be reclined while sitting in it. You have to bend down to the side and lift a lever underneath the chair, lean back to where you want it, then lower the lever to lock it in place. When you sit up in it you do the reverse, but you do have to reach back with your hand and pull the back of the seat all of the way forward; it's easy to do and lifts most of the way on its own, but not all of the way. The bending and twisting to the side might not be comfortable for someone with a bad back, but otherwise not difficult. I explain how the footrest works in my review, and in the comments I linked to the video that shows the chair in action. I have had it a few weeks and still like it.

Answer from another buyer: You will have to adjust the lever on the left side to recline (not much effort). However, if you want to use the footstool, you will have to pull it out manually: not too hard but it does take some effort.

3. What is the angle of recline? How high are the tops of the armrests from the floor?

Answer: The maximum angle of the chair is 165 degree, The height from the top of armrests to the floor is 27.2 inches.

4. How does the footrest fold away and pull out?

Answer: Reach down under the front of the chair, grab the footrest and pull straight forward - it's mounted on two chrome-plated rods that extend out to the front from under the seat. Once the footrest is extended, you then pull up vertically on the rear edge of the footrest; this starts it rotating (on an axis even with the front edge of the footrest) over until it is "flipped" out into position. To fold away, just reverse the procedure. It's very easy and takes two or three seconds to do the entire deployment. Hope this helps.

5. Can you choose to recline between the 90 degree and 165 degree angle? I am looking for a chair that I can adjust at several locations between angles

Answer: Yes. The angle of inclination of the chair back is infinite between vertical and (almost completely) horizontal. What you CAN'T adjust - not a deal-breaker for me, but something to consider before purchase - is that there is no adjustment of the inclination of the SEAT. In other words, if you choose to adjust the back to a position somewhere between vertical and horizontal, you may find yourself slipping a bit. I love this chair, but not everyone will I'm sure. The only other caveats I've found in the month-plus I've had it are (1) the padding in the seat could be either firmer, or deeper, or both; and (2) the "foot" rest hits mid-calf on a person over six feet tall. You'll have to decide if either of these are deal-breakers FOR YOU.

6. Is there a back tilt tension adjustment for this chair?

Answer: The chair back won't tilt at all, unless it's unlocked--and will keep "tilting," in a kind of free-fall, all the way to the horizontal, until it's relocked. The back can be tilted to any angle, and must be fixed in place by re-engaging the lock, at whatever angle you wish. Strictly speaking, then, there is no "tension" to the backward tilt: it tilts freely, when unlocked--and tilts not at all, when locked.

7. So much imported furniture contains strong chemicals these days so does this chair smell? Is it hard or easy to assemble? Thanks

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