Managerial & Executive Chairs Viva0569F

  • $149.99
  • Size:25.6 x 24.4 x 41.4 inches
  • Function:

    1、Seat height adjustable;

    2、Extremely good Breathability

  • Brand: VIVA OFFICE
  • Product Code:Viva0569F
  • Availability:In Stock

VIVA OFFICE High Back Mesh Chair, Black


VIVA Office, the professional office furniture supplier, now provides a great variety of excellent office chairs including ergonomic desk chair, task chair, executive & managerial chair, and more. With the combination of global intelligence, high quality material, reliable performance, and world class ergonomic design, VIVA keeps bringing best sitting experience to customers all over the world!


-Contemporary ergonomic mesh office chairs, designed to provide exceptional back support and to prevent body heat and moisture build up.

-Simple pneumatic controls let you raise or lower your seat and rock back in your chair.Pulling out on the control handle, which allows your chair to tilt back, or sit forward and push the control handle in to prevent it from tilting.

-Fashionable design, high quality Nylon base and Nylon casters.

-Mesh seat and premium fabric upholstery to eliminates leg fatigue.

-Weight capacity is 250 pounds. Easy assembly upon arrival. We provide free component-exchange in two years.


Product Features

Brand Name :


Item No.:

Desk Chairs-VIVA0569F


25.6x24.4x41.4~45.3 Inches

Net Weight:

29.32 Pounds




CS Mesh+ Sandwich Mesh



Base :

Nylon Base


Nylon Caster



Product Warranty

Viva office chairs sold on Amazon are complied with warranty policy of Amazon,and provide free component-exchange in two years. Viva service center is ready for help all the time.

Product Functions


Install Guide

VIVA 0569F, can be assembled in a few easy steps. Check the parts list to ensure you have all the right parts and then please refer to the photos below for fast and easy assembly.

Parts List:

a) Push the castors into the base of the chair and turn the base upright.




b) Install the gas lift into the base. It should fit snugly.




c) Check the manual to see which direction the arm rests should go.




d) Attach the mechanism and backrest to the seat.

e) Place the seat on the gas slide.

f) Make sure all screws have been tightened.

g) Finished product.

Customer Reviews link to amazon

· rating

 Love it. 2015-07-06

By maruf82Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)

very very comfortable. the backrest is fairly tall and provides great support. nice modern look. highly recommend it.

· rating

 Love it. 2015-07-06

By maruf82Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)

very very comfortable. the backrest is fairly tall and provides great support. nice modern look. highly recommend it.

· rating

 with caution, result is very good. 2015-06-1

By Mamamia 37Amazon Verified Purchase (What's this?)

Ahhh, unclear directions, easily mixed up screws, but with help from a savvy do-it-yourselfer at our local ACE store, we got to the final product.

First, it was very confusing about the screws. The screws did all fall out even when gently peeling away the topping to get to the screws---the topping which said "Improper screw installation voids the warranty". Clarification: what may to some of us inexperienced ones look like different sizes on the screws are not different sizes, but different places said screws will go; this is an important clarification--for the inexperienced--- because screws 11 and 12 are the same size, and screws 10 were smaller than screws 9. We could tell that the two rounded head ones were 9s because of the picture. Other than that, there are no labels or places to measure or even measurements given to id which screws were which.

Secondly, William Brainard, a fellow reviewer, was exactly right about his solution. As I watched in horror as my very capable husband began to try to force things when attaching the back, I knew something was not correct in the directions! I remembered one of the "verified purchase" reviewers saying to NOT put the ARMS on FIRST, but to put on the BACK FIRST, then the arms. So, we removed the arms. We put on the back first, then the arms and everything fit beautifully!

Oh, also, the number to call always said to, "Leave a message" each time we called for help. I guess they don't have anyone in the US employed to answer questions.

My son finds the chair very comfortable. Love the lumbar support. Comfy seat, comfy back, material will be much better than sticky leather or fake leather with our warm/hot weather here 8 months of the year. And he said, "Love the color!" How about that? I was unsure about the color, but my wise daughter-in-law had thought about it and chose this color. Her words were along the line "...of gray rug, gray this and that. I think he'd really like a pop of color in his new office!"

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